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Post Info TOPIC: 'You have a scene today with Nicolas Cage'


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Date: 3:45 AM, 09/05/15
'You have a scene today with Nicolas Cage'

Nice little article about an actor's big scene with Nic

Ed Delmore III recounts experiences on the set of Indianapolis

GULF SHORES, AL — Mobile Bay was glimmering in the moonlight and the USS Alabama loomed large in the dark as a van arrived to pick up Ed Delmore III.

Awaiting onboard was one Nicolas Cage – along with other actors and crew and all the paraphernalia of movie making – and perhaps the biggest scene of Delmore’s nascent film career.

“One of the coolest points for me, they knocked on my trailer door, said they were ready for me on the set,” Delmore recalled. “And I could’ve taken a van to the ship, they would have drove me to the ship and then I would walk up the ramp, but I walked and I wanted to prepare myself.”

Taking the advice of a friend, Delmore decided to savor the moment.

“Tonight in Mobile and the moon’s out,” he said. “I could see the skyline of Mobile, the bow of the ship is on my left. And I’m walking. I’m walking to get ready to do a scene with Nic Cage in a movie that I think’s going to be a big movie. I was looking around trying to take that in.

“I’ll never forget that moment. I was, like, on my way.”

And what a surprise moment it was. Looking over the work schedule for the day, Delmore noticed there was a scene that called for actor No. 1 and actor No. 17 to interact during filming on the Alabama.

“So I get the call sheet for the day,” Delmore said. “The call sheets will say – all the actors have a number and Nic was No. 1 - all the actors have a number. On the sheet you have a breakdown of what scenes they are shooting and say which actors are in which scenes.

“My number is 17.”

Delmore immediately began scouring the script for any scenes which involved actors No. 1 and No. 17. He found nothing.

“That doesn’t make any sense because I don’t have any conversation with him in the script,” he said. “I look at it again and it says No. 1 and 17.

“So I got back to the script and my character’s title was misprinted on that part of the script. So when I looked at the script I never found it because it was a typo.”

He had lines, he had a scene and it was with Nicolas Cage.

“So that day I called ahead and told my dad ‘I’ve got an intense scene with Nic Cage where it’s me and him back and forth,’” Delmore said. “I was so pumped.”

But he also had some new lines to learn, along with the others he had already found with his number beside them in the script.

“But I also had to memorize all these lines and study what was going on in the scene,” he said. “All the way over to Mobile that night I’m practicing my lines trying to wrap ‘em in my head and trying to find some way to wrap my mind around it.”

Then there was the wait inside the trailer.

“I got there, went to the area and Nic was standing outside his trailer,” he said. “And mine was next to his. Mine was about 50 times smaller than his but I still had one. My buddy Ron Goleman said you need to go into that trailer, sit there and enjoy it and think about how hard you’ve worked to get to this point.”

Delmore’s odyssey into film making began about a year and a half ago landing a bit part in the movie “Vice” being shot in Mobile. Since then he’s had some scenes here and there in movies and TV shows and local independent films.

The latest was a nonspeaking role in the blockbuster Jurassic World where is character is seen running for his life in a suit. He’s in the upcoming film “Bus 657” featuring one of his acting heroes, Robert DeNiro.

“I had been on the set of the upcoming film “Bus 657” and was getting pretty bored between takes,” he said. “Then I realized I was sitting next to Robert DeNiro and that really put things into perspective for me. I was sitting next to one of my favorite actors.”

Leading up to this point in Mobile where he was facing the most important, and exciting, moment of his fledgling career.

“It’s like a rite of passage or something,” he said. “I went into my little three-by six trailer, which was not that nice but it’s one of those things you work toward.”

A helpful word or two from the star never hurts, either, if you happen to be a tidbit nervous.

“He was like your character is anxious, your character has anxiety,” Delmore said. “Use that anxiety when you’re acting. He was very helpful, very professional and extremely kind and really, really nice.”

In between shoots, there they were, just two actors on break waiting for the call to film some more.

“I’m sitting in a cast chair and he’s sitting next to me and we’re sitting in video village where they have all the cameras where you can see what’s going on in the camera,” he said. “You’ve got the hair and makeup people touching you up.

“That’s the stuff you say ‘wow, this is really kind of a big deal. This is really a lot different from the other stuff I’ve done.’”




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Date: 11:22 AM, 09/06/15
RE: 'You have a scene today with Nicolas Cage'

Wow! What a great article! It`s totally understandable that he was exited to work with such an multitalented actor as Nic! I could imagine, that Ed Delmore III would never forget that scene! Thanks for posting this article, Lady T.! :)


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