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Post Info TOPIC: Blu-ray Review: Vampire’s Kiss / High Spirits [Double Feature]


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Date: 12:08 AM, 03/03/15
Blu-ray Review: Vampire’s Kiss / High Spirits [Double Feature]


Vampire's Kiss is out on blu-ray, I'm excited! I don't own this one and really want to, so I am hoping I can find the blu-ray somewhere local. Love this movie.

Vampire’s Kiss
Director: Robert Bierman
Screenwriter: Joseph Minion
Cast: Nicolas Cage, María Conchita Alonso, Jennifer Beals
Scream Factory
Rated R | 103 Minutes
Release Date: February 10, 2015

Synopsis: Teetering on the edge of sanity, volatile literary agent Peter Loew (Nicolas Cage) tries to find purpose in his life through a cutthroat work ethic and a hedonistic night life. But when an encounter with a mysterious beauty leaves Loew convinced that he is turning into a vampire, his behavior turns positively outrageous.

Robert Bierman was originally scheduled to direct the 1986 remake of The Fly, but withdrew from the project after the death of his daughter. Instead, Bierman’s feature-length debut was the 1989 black comedy, Vampire’s Kiss.

Imagine if you will, a young Nicolas Cage (hot off Raising Arizona and Moonstruck) in a business suit and plastic vampire fangs, screaming, “I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire!” That pretty much sums up this bizarre, coked-out horror comedy. Even if you’ve never seen Bierman’s film, you probably know bits and pieces of it, thanks to YouTube’s impressive selection of “Nicolas Cage Losing His s***” montages.


Cage is OUT. OF. HIS. MIND in this movie, guys. At one point, he straight-up eats a c***roach. Unfortunately, the scene took three takes, so technically he ate THREE c***roaches. Say what you will about our greatest National Treasure (get it!?), but the man is a true artist willing to suffer for his craft.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe Vampire’s Kiss is a real film at times – it’s so completely unhinged, so unapologetically bat-s*** crazy, that it defies reason. It’s worth picking up this Scream Factory Blu-ray release to hear Robert Bierman and Nicolas Cage discuss making the film on the included audio commentary.

“I’m a big believer in the ambiguous, and letting it be about whatever people want it to be about, but I always saw the movie as a story of a man whose loneliness and inability to find love literally drives him insane.” Sure, Nic, whatever you say! There are some pretty great bits throughout the commentary of Cage critiquing his own performance, with reactions like, “That! What is that!?

I’d be out of my mind to call it a masterpiece, but Vampire’s Kiss is twisted enough to warrant a watch, especially if you’ve never seen Nic Cage at his most deranged and unglued. THAT’S HIGH PRAISE!



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