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Post Info TOPIC: Questions about Knowing (spoilers)

Cage Defender

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Date: 11:49 PM, 08/04/14
Questions about Knowing (spoilers)

I've seen this movie quite a few times and I thought I got it, I watched again last night and I just sort of went to myself, 'wait, why did that make any sense?' In my review I just sort of said how awesome and thought provoking it was. But now I'm still thinking about it again. It's like I never watched it before and given the things I'm gonna say it might seem that way too.

Okay, so what was the deal with Lucinda in the past? She just randomly got some ESP power that predicted the end of the world for some reason? Why? It was a warning right? What was the point of it? It wasn't a warning like, stop polluting the oceans and cutting down trees, or the world will explode, if the world was going to end anyway then what was the point? 

And then Caleb suddenly just writes numbers? Why? If it was already 'Everyone Else' then I don't think any more numbers were needed.

Why didn't those aliens, whatever they were, just say what was going to happen? I know thats a really bad question because it ruins the whole point of the movie, but generally speaking, while you watch it, you think they're the bad guys because they show Caleb the forest burning among other things.

Cage didn't get to to with them at the end because he didn't believe in them? Well damn right he didn't believe in them, they're weird pale skin people who emit light from their mouths, I wouldn't believe in them either. 

And considering how the movie progressed, was this just a punishment by God? God gave Lucinda some power to do all of this to punish the human race for the way we are. 

I had a friend who liked this but when it started to go from sci-fi to religion-fi they kinda jumped ship as soon as they could. I wonder what, Lady T, thought about this movie. 

I think I had some more questions but I don't even know anymore. Maybe these were all explained or weren't explained on purpose because I wasn't paying attention when those questions were being answered or something 

This is the movie that everyone always brings up when they find out I'm a huge Nicolas Cage fan and they always say how awesome that movie was. I'm just like, really? Not to say it's a bad movie, but considering how heavy it is and the kind of themes it has, it doesn't seem like the kind of thing that a lot of people would deal with in a blockbuster movie, but maybe I'm wrong because this thing was a monster hit in the box office and people are still talking about it.


Thank you smileconfuse



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Date: 4:01 AM, 08/05/14
RE: Questions about Knowing (spoilers)

Hi Enzo,

I loved Knowing when I saw it first in the theatre, and have since watched it several times and still really enjoy it. I never thought of it as religious per se, rather sci fi, those whisperers seemed like aliens to me. The conflict between science and religion I get of course, and the ending seems to me to leave that open to the viewer's interpretation. I never really understand sci fi movies, but I don't care, I just enjoy watching them. And I like this one partly because it is different, no last minute save the world ending. It is interesting what you say about Lucinda and her numbers, what was the point? Drove that poor child mad why? I can only think that the aliens were trying to communicate but we just weren't advanced enough to get it. It seems to me that since they communicated by imagery they might have been holograms or thought projections. It would be like us trying to communicate with animals and having no idea how they perceive what we are doing. So it is unclear and frightening rather than enlightening. I think the ending scene is very beautiful but also seems dream-like, I like the enigma of it.



NIColicious Enchantress

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Date: 5:19 PM, 08/05/14
RE: Questions about Knowing (spoilers)

The predictions were a warning to the people 50 years in the future, when the time capsule was opened again! I think, it was kind of destiny, that Caleb got that numbers, so that his father can track the catastrophies, which happened in that 50 years, by decoding the numbers, and, maybe also prepare himself for the end, because as a scientist, he didn`t believe in that christian faith, like his other family! And, as Caleb (like Lucinda fifty years ago) also heard the aliens/angels aka "whisper people" whispering the numbers, which he is kind of forced to write down! And, as it`s a kind of christian-oriented movie, and in earlier times, the prophets from the bible never got a direct answer from the spiritual realm, I think, it`s that reason, why the aliens didn`t give a direct warning! And, if they did, maybe the people wouldn`t believe it, or wouldn`t take that seriously! That they did show Caleb the burning forest with the burning stag, I think, was a kind of preview of what happens, when he, together with the other "chosen" were safed, while the rest would die! That`s, how I would interpret it! Although, Nic playes brilliantly, as always, but that kind of movie isn`t one, which I would consider a fave movie, and I, mostly, watch it only, when it`s on tv, or if I really feel like watching it! Hope, that answers your questions a bit, Enzo?


"When you think about magic, it is imagination plus willpower focused in such a way that you can create a conscious effect in the material world..."

Nicolas Cage

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