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Post Info TOPIC: Nicolas Cage Is Ready To Pay The Ghost

Cage Defender

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Date: 6:26 PM, 05/16/14
Nicolas Cage Is Ready To Pay The Ghost

There are two types of Nicolas Cage movies that exist in this crazy world we live in: first there are what I like to call "Nicolas Cage" movies and then there are "Nic Cage" movies. Nicholas Cage movies, likeMoonstruck and Leaving Las Vegas, tend to be more serious/lighthearted romps that actually showcase the man's chops as an actor. Nic Cage movies, on the other hand, are absolutely bats*** pieces of cinematic insanity. These films range from guilty pleasures (Face/Off) to mildly entertaining grab bags (Ghost Rider), all the way down to the absolute dregs of the Cage Canon (The Wicker Man). Well, it looks like the fates are giving us a little bit more of a challenge in guessing which category his next film will fall into, as he's signed on for a film that bears the title, Pay The Ghost


Variety ran the scoop pertaining to the Voltage Pictures production, which is shopping for a distributor to call home. Directed by Uli Edel, who's best known for his foreign language film The Bader Meinhoff Complex, the film will star Cage as a professor whose son disappears on Halloween. So far, this sounds like a Nicholas Cage movie that could give us a compelling, heart pounding thriller about a father's love for his son. But looking deeper into the project's pedigree, we see something that resembles more of a Nic Cage movie. Read the following synopsis, and tell me you don't see the makings of a crazy time at the movies: 

 "On Halloween night, a couple's young son is mysteriously abducted. A year later, they begin to sense his presence in frightening ways. A string of terrifying clues draws them to search for the boy throughout New York, where they uncover ancient secrets and discover a vicious, vengeful spirit."


Now I'm not saying that this doesn't have the potential to be a more sober, more thrilling middle ground film like he made withKick-Ass, but judging the man's track record, it's clear that he the majority of his work exists on one of those two planes I mentioned earlier. I really like both sides of Nicholas Cage, as they've provided memorable moments that show off a badass who's in charge, a sensitive and fragile man just trying to get by, or a completely bats*** insane person who's chewing scenery as if they were a hungry rabbit. The Cage works in mysterious ways: one moment he's making a movie like Joe that looks like a return to dramatic form, and the next he's remaking the Christian cult classic <ahref=http:"" new="" nicolas-cage-casually-discusses-jesus-rapture-left-behind-footage-41368.html="" style="text-align: justify;">Left Behind. The point is, we never know what we're going to get, but either way it should be an interesting ride. 

<ahref=http:"" new="" nicolas-cage-casually-discusses-jesus-rapture-left-behind-footage-41368.html="" style="text-align: justify;">


Nicolas Cage can next be seen in the new thriller Rage, which will hit VOD on June 10th and theaters on July 11th. It definitelylooks like a Nic Cage movie, but he has surprised us in the past.



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Date: 6:33 PM, 05/17/14
RE: Nicolas Cage Is Ready To Pay The Ghost

Yeah, this one sounds really awesome, I can't wait to hear more about it! Here is another link. Supposedly it films in late summer.



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