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Nic Superfan

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Date: 12:30 PM, 01/30/14
Tokarev Review!!

They seem to like it- i have had to transfer the writing from a Romanian website so hard to follow at times. It looks like its saying that some charcters are underdeveloped but the positives are the surprising twists, the tension and action and Nics performance. Like how it says its not really like Taken at all.


Tokarev/Anger, with the protagonist, Nicolas Cage is launched on Friday in our cinemas, the Romanians being the first viewers who will see the movie, due to its insistence on Romanian distributor to have the first such production in cinemas. Even though we had Gary thriller synopsis to compare it with the series Taken at the press viewing Tuesday we've raised: Although the premise is the same, Tokarev detached Taken printrar a twist in the end absolutely surprising.


Furthermore, Nicolas Cage plays with the same commitment as in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, our favorite film of the most recent of his Cage, his character from the Tokarev, seeding as the psychological profile of the sins of a policeman-Last call: New Orleans.


The film's problems are in building some of the secondary characters, but also for some episodes-in terms of logic. Overall, though, the action genre enthusiasts will be fully satisfied with the movie as if seeming praise action nouăzeciste productions (though the story seems to be happening in the present, lacking gadgets and contemporary media-I think I spotted only at the end of the film a laptop, the only one in the film, however, in documenting the unused about mobsters, for example).


Nicholas Cage's character, Paul Maguire, is a former delinquent, apparently became a model citizen, father and businessman with solidity: its past, however, it's two steps away, and that becomes evident when his teenage daughter is kidnapped and brutally murdered. Been violent robber and thug, Maguire has not forgotten the skills, and now embarks on the only road you know: to discover and punish the hardness on the authors. So far, the film's premise is similar to that of the series Taken: a young woman kidnapped, a father with a violent past and ready for anything, violent abusers who will receive exemplary punishment. However, over the course of the film, it is revealed the character of the protagonist: unstable fail, as spectators, we identify with the character, which-though it is, apparently, looking for Justice, always suspect wrong hits. The result: a blood bath, and yet the culprit is always elsewhere. Searching always go on the tracks. What keeps us blown the whole movie.


Tokarev avoids cliches (it Bandit gets no redeeming remains bandit) and avoids the happy-end. The secondary characters have, however, suffered his aides: Maguire, Kane (Max Ryan) and Docherty (Michael McGrady), are not credible. They are two gangsters first past YouTube and passed through the prison, but that naivete to throw himself headlong into an action of revenge affair. Their motivation? "We Are Family" ...


On the other hand, two other figures of gangsters-Francis O'Connell (Peter Stormare) and Russian (Pavel Lychnikoff) Chernov are more credible: the first is an urge that's raisonneur protagonist to stop the race for revenge, the second has a genuine Russian accent (the actor has immigrated from the Soviet Union). Tattoos of the Russian's demonstration showed the image Director/Director, which seem to be more proud of him than the character himself.


If combat scenes put on fast forward have slightly rizibil, music (Laurent Eyquem) is an inspired and outstanding presence in all moments of tension.



Lets ride!!

Cage Defender

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Date: 10:34 PM, 01/30/14
RE: Tokarev Review!!

Well that's nice to hear bowsmiley it was a good read, I just want to know where you find this stuff rolllaugh



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Date: 11:03 PM, 02/06/14
RE: Tokarev Review!!

That's great, Jonny Blaze, I think is it our first review for Tokarov? Sounds like a good review, I am getting quite interested to see it.



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