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Cage Defender

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Date: 7:30 PM, 10/26/13
Trespass review

I'd rather run away- from this film. The tagline is kind of misleading, I was expecting the family to fight back a lot but that hardly happened.


I find it ironic that the actor who originally walked off set, Nicolas Cage, ends up giving the only thing close to a positive in this poor offering by director Joel Schumacher. I'm not really sure what went wrong here but the biggest problems I have with this movie are the scripting and the violence.


I actually think Joel Schumacher is a very impressive director with films such as Phone Booth, Falling Down under his belt and their previous collaboration 8MM which has garnered a very strong fan following over the years for its dark, gritty subject matter. Even the critically panned Batman films I enjoyed, they get slandered for their over the top silly theme and I love them for that very reason. So, why this project culminated in such a bad end product is truly a mystery.


First, lets talk about the violence. There was something about the violence in this film that was unlike anything I've ever seen. In any film I've seen that featured violence it has a certain style to it, even if the violence is as blunt as it was in 8MM it had a certain way about it: editing, camera shots, pace, angles and a whole host of other things, including a strong, committed story, that kept you involved and didn't take you out of the experience. The violence in Trespass just felt like Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman etc. were actually getting beaten up and it was just so graphically detailed that I actually cringed a couple times because it makes you go 'damn, that looked like it hurt' I'm guessing that was the theme Joel was going for, but damn, did he succeed with that. I just don't like seeing a movie that is an hour and twenty minutes of people getting beaten around like rag-dolls.


Does this look like a pleasant viewing experience to you?


Secondly, I feel that the script for this movie was very poor. Not the story, I feel the story was actually very good! It had layers to it and every so often secrets would be revealed about each character and it is quite rewarding, in fact, to learn about the characters secrets and betrayals. That part is actually very well written and is enjoyable to find out. The dialogue is a whole other story, to say the least, it is terrible. Every other word is cuss word and most of what transpired on screen seemed to be filler. 'Open the safe' 'No' 'Open the safe' 'No' 'Open the safe' 'You're gonna open that safe sooner or later, the question is whether or not your thumb will be attached to your body' 'No' 'Open the damn safe, Kyle' 'NO' *opens it* It also seemed like most situations just seemed to start and then stop and then start again later. The characters go on about not having enough time and then everything just comes to a standstill and then suddenly time runs out and it seems like things are going to ramp up again because of camera shots and music cues but no- things just result in a lot of heated screaming and empty threats as all tension leaves the film very quickly. One of the villains is supposed to garner sympathy from the viewer also and that does not happen because he is obnoxious and like pretty much everyone else in the film, is unlikable.


Watching a family getting beaten up isn't my idea of a fun time.


Like I mentioned before, the movie is an hour and twenty minutes and I was relieved when it was finished because I felt really unpleasant. I don't know what exactly it was but I just felt uncomfortable and I did not know how to feel. But I am reminded of a quote, 'if a movie made you feel something, it has to be doing something right' This has to be one of the only Nicolas Cage films I really do not like very much and I've made that very apparent, I know. I have seen it 4 times so it must be doing something right. However, if you like it, more power to you and I know someone who does and it sparks good conversation between us to discuss what we like and do not like. I know there is a rule here to not say anything bad about an actor or anything to keep it all nice and happy here and I respect that but this is a movie review, so not always can everything be positive and please, if you do like this movie, lets talk about it!

I do actually have some positives to say! For one, Nicolas Cage’s performance is fantastic, and I’m not just saying that because this is a Nicolas Cage fansite, I actually mean it! His performance as the protective father was very convincing and I would go as far to say that I think it is one of his best performances to date. I also like the look of the house they live in; the colors of the house just look appealing to me. I also liked the music too.

Nicolas Cage does his best in an awkward situation

I feel bad criticizing sometimes because I am not in Hollywood trying to make movies and I respect every movie whether it be good or bad because making a movie cannot be easy. But I know what I like and don't like in a movie and I did not like much about this. The part was originally offered to Liev Schreiber and I don't know if he could have done a better job or not because I've only seen him in a very small section in Movie 43 but I wish that Nicolas walked off set and stayed off. Back in 2012 I reviewed this movie on another website and I gave it 2/5 stars and I stand with that score, with graphic violence, a poor script and a lack of tension, Trespass does not add up to very much, with only Nicolas Cage’s charisma shining through, it was more stressful then entertaining viewing.

Please note, all of these pictures are taken from my Facebook page so I don't know the source.

Any and all comments are welcome! Lets discuss Trespass biggrin

EDIT: new second picture.


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NIColicious Enchantress

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Date: 2:33 AM, 10/28/13
RE: Trespass review

That is a very well written review! Trespass is one of the most, if not, the most intense movie, full of tension and violence, Nic has ever made! The scenes, where he gets beaten up looks so real, as if it really hurts him! Maybe, it felt so real, because, in opposite to the other movies, where he plays intense roles, this one is a story, that could happen in real life! That way, it feels real to those, who watch it! I think, both main actors (Nic and Nicole) played their parts with so much intensity, that you almost believe, that they feel the violence from the intruders and the fear, in real! In their own way they fought back, by refusing to help the criminals! They also found together as a family again, as they had to learn to work together, in order to not let the criminals win! And, also, that the truth about Kyles and the families finances are revealed one by one, so that the audience get the reason, why Kyle refuses almost through the whole movie, why he won`t cooperate with the intruders! I have watched that movie a few times, but don`t like to watch it too often, as it has too much violence in it!


"When you think about magic, it is imagination plus willpower focused in such a way that you can create a conscious effect in the material world..."

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Date: 12:21 AM, 11/01/13
RE: Trespass review

Interesting review, Enzo, and very in depth too. I concur with some of what you have said, although my feelings aren't as extreme as yours. This is one of those movies where you feel tense all through it with a feeling of dread. I just don't like watching those movies, too unsettling, but I do if I think it is worth it. This movie did a good job making me feel dreadful, lol! But I really didn't think it was the best movie in so far as the plot goes, too derivative and a standard ending, in my opinion. Also some of the plot didn't make sense to me. I thought the performances were all good, Nic was great in his role, very different from wha I expected and I liked seeing him play his character that way. Actually, given that the whole thing centres around a man being put in an impossible situation, and seemingly facing his and his family's certain death, he played it so genius! Most times it is a Harrison Ford type actor, all tough and stoic. Nic played against the grain with really fascinating results. I have watched it several times, the movie is worth it for me for his performance. 



Nic Superfan

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Date: 12:00 PM, 12/28/13
RE: Trespass review

I really liked this movie! Yes it's uncomfortable and I agree a bit tedious at times but I loved the layers to it, the set designs etc it didn't really disturb me but I had seen Funny Games before this which remains the most disturbing home invasion movie I have ever seen



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